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Sofa Reupholstery

The most grand, most used, and most universal piece of furniture in the house.

And often the hardest to replace.

Martin’s Upholstery knows that your sofa isn’t just a piece of furniture. It’s a hub for socialising, a climbing frame for the kids, or a spot for a midday nap. It gets used, worn out, pushed about and wiped down.

But it’s like a part of the family, it’s not so easy to just ‘replace’.

It may be an antique from grandma, a decorative feature, or simply the family friend.

Martin’s will guide you through selecting your ideal fabric and style – even high quality leather is on hand – so that you may inject some new life into your dearly beloved.

A selection of coverings on offer are:

  • Leather,
  • Alcantara,
  • Velour,
  • Cloth,
  • Tweed,
  • Vinyl,
  • Suede,
  • Faux Suede
  • … And many more.

In your choice of styles and colours.

Once you’re ready to enhance the appearance, we’ll even ensure that the foam interior is good as new for you as well. Then, your household’s prized “hub” will be ready to “wow” guests and bring loved ones together as if it were a whole new sofa.

We help you find the right fabric, from our huge range of upholstery fabrics and colours.

Chair Reupholstery

It may be that unique piece you uncovered at an auction.

It may be an historical heirloom.

Or a hand-me-down from your childhood home.

A chair is more than just a chair. It brings a social group together, it decorates your surroundings, and is embedded with a lifetime of memories.

That’s why selecting an upholsterer who takes the greatest care in preserving the beauty and vitality of your home or commercial furnishing is the most important decision you can make in this moment.

Preserving the heart, meaning and depth of your piece is our highest consideration.

You may choose from a huge range of fabrics and styles, and we’ll rejuvenate the interior foam for you as well.

Your cherished possession need not show signs of age or be misshapen.

Along with chairs, we upholster a range of other small furniture items like footstools, dining chairs, and even bar stools.

We know that generations of love and care have gone into the lifetime of your furniture, and our job is to protect all of those memories for you.

Preserving the heart, meaning and depth of your piece is our highest consideration.

Bench Seating

Fixed bench seating is often the domain of a commercial establishment.

Perhaps in a bar, cinema, college or theatre.

But no matter where your bench seating is, whether it’s fixed or modular, renewing your commercial seating upholstery is a long-standing ‘to-do’ for any establishment owner.

Maintaining an attractive, clean, and comfortable image with frequently used furnishings is of paramount importance for your business.

Because, without a 5-star experience, your customers or clients will get the wrong impression of you.

Martin’s Upholstery Workshop has years of experience in re-upholstering bench seating and commercial furniture to the highest possible standard.

Our huge range of fabrics will revitalise your bench so that it appears entirely new once again.

Whether you keep your brand’s colours and design, or opt for an entirely new look.

(Our range of wipe-clean leathers and vinyl are especially useful for pubs and bars.)

So if your bench seating is in regular use and suffers more wear and tear than typical home furnishings, you may be interested to select some of these attractive, easy-to-maintain fabrics.

Your commercial furnishings should project an image of safety, cleanliness and a pleasant environment for your frequently alternating clientele.

Our skills and years of experience have taught us the importance of presenting a positive public image. And each bit of experience has brought us to this moment for you.

Our range of wipe-clean leathers and vinyl are especially useful for pubs and bars.

Classic Car Upholstery

Are you the proud owner of an antique car or show car?

These wonderful vehicles from bygone eras don’t remain as impressive without some upkeep along the way.

Over our 30 years experience, we’ve had the pleasure of re-upholstering the interiors of some beautiful and treasured classic vehicles.

With complete interior work or just seat repairs, we can help to revitalise the interior of your classic car with our huge assortment of fabrics for vehicle re-upholstery.

Of course, when damage comes to a vehicle like this, it can be heartbreaking, so we provide seat foam repair, leather, vinyl or cloth seat upholstery, seat covers and headrests.

For a job as vital as the careful upholstering or re-upholstering of your pride and passion, you would under value your classic car if you were to bring it to a craftsman who does not possess the level of experience required for classic and antique vehicle interiors.

With our skills, training and lengthy experience – plus incredible supply of interior fabrics and seat covers – Martin’s can bring an entirely new lease of life to your classic vehicle.

We can help to revitalise the interior of your classic car.

American Car Upholstery

As the owner of an American car, either for show or a hobby, you know that these niche vehicles require a special kind of care.

The parts and skills required to upgrade your American car can be specific and varied.

With interior upholstery and re-upholstery, remaining loyal to the original design, while bringing a sense of freshness and youth to your car’s interior, is of paramount importance.

If done incorrectly or rushed, the final result can be unfitting.

But when done by a skilled craftsman, who will work closely with you and help you to uncover the right interior design for your American car, an older, pre-loved vehicle can become a work of art.

Our experience in vehicle upholstery services gives us the level of care needed for your seat repairs, door cards, interior trim… right down to the carpets and dashboard.

Taking the greatest care to preserve the life of your American classic car.

We know that the owner of a beautiful car like this is a person who is proud, stylish and caring. That’s why we work tirelessly to reflect your sophisticated eye in the interior upholstery that we craft for you.

From Doorcards to Dashboards, our bespoke interiors will make your pride and joy stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke Interiors

Not only do we rejuvenate pre-existing furniture items or vehicles, but we even start from scratch for you.

Many bespoke projects require intricate care and attention, depending on whether you’re looking for a brand new interior for your car, van or scooter… Or if you’re going large with a motor-home, caravan or boat.

We work closely with you to develop a bespoke interior for your personal requirements.

Design, colour, and fabric, all selected for your ideal bespoke interior upholstery.

A choice of coverings on offer are:

  • Leather,
  • Alcantara,
  • Velour,
  • Cloth,
  • Tweed,
  • Vinyl,
  • Suede,
  • Faux Suede
  • … And many more.

It’s your choice for style and colour. From door cards and carpets, to seats, trims and dashboards.

We even specialise in marine grade materials for sports boats and canal boats.

When you’re seeking a craftsman for a truly bespoke, high quality upholstery service, experience is the key to unlocking that quality.

Over our 30 years in upholstery, we’ve learned that the greatest care must be employed in order to craft your project into something you will be proud of for life.

With this experience and care, your bespoke upholstery requirements can be developed to the acclaim of your friends, family and co-workers… or anyone else who you’ll invite into your bespoke interior.

What Our Clients Say

Martin is a pleasure to do business with and made my sofa feel well looked after whilst I was away. Extremely happy with his work and such a reasonable price.

Sophie Taylor

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